7 Signs Of Ageing To Lookout For

A bit of grey hair here and there, light wrinkles under the eyes, sagging cheeks, all these are indications that you are not that young girl anymore. These are natural with time; however does it mean we have to let them show? No way! So ladies, here are a few signs of ageing that you need to keep in mind so that when you notice them, you’d know exactly what to do.

1. Dull thinning hairYou might have noticed that you hair does not have the volume it had before. There’s an increase in hair fall an also your hair is becoming thinner and dull. Causes for this can be childbirth, certain medication, stress etc. however hormonal shifts that happen when menopause comes around is the major cause for this. Hair loss can also be a sign of other serious illnesses so do not let it go unnoticed. Do get yourself checked.

2. Turkey neck and saggy cheeksA turkey neck appears due to sagging loose skin and fat in the neck. It is same with saggy cheeks. The neck is not the easiest part to treat but you do need to take care of it. Use a deep moisturizer to keep the skin plump and lively. You can also cover it up by wearing high neck tops. For saggy cheeks, you could go for a thread lift face treatment.

3. Fine lines and wrinklesThe loss of collagen and elasticity of skin causes this. When squinting at the computer screen, trying to read very small letters and when under stress, this may get aggravated. You could go for Botox, nose and best chin fillers in Singapore to avoid such wrinkles.

4. Sore feetWith years of punishing your feet with unfitting shoes, you might notice cracked heels, crooked toes etc. Always use a moisturizer for your cracked heels. Exfoliate them by using a scrub so that rid dead skin could be peeled of and you’d have smooth heels. Also keep in mind to wear comfortable shoes and sandals.

5. Spotted handsLoss of collagen will make your skin thinner and that will cause veins to stick out. On top of that, brown spots start to appear due to sun damage. So always make it a point to apply sunscreen whenever you step outside. You could try laser treatment too to take out the spots.

6. Saggy breastsSaggy breasts are the most common ageing characteristic in women. It can come up even when you are in your late 30s. Breastfeeding, lack of proper support, lack of estrogen and even gravity could cause this. Always wear fitting bras so that your breasts have the support they need.