How To Make Your Bedroom Your Personal Sanctuary?

Moving into a new home? Here’s how to make your bedroom feel like a private sanctuary.  

Have your own space 

If you truly want the room you sleep in to be like a private cocoon for yourself, then you will have to have your own bedroom. Of course, this is not an option if you happen to have a significant other; but then too you can have your side of the room. Having your own space opens up many possibilities (some of which we have discussed below!), from being able to properly relax to feeling more safe. If you are living in a shared dorm room, consider having a privacy patrician installed. This could be a screen or even curtains. If you are concerned about the space reducing due to it, consider opting for a bed tent instead. Yes, it is a bit extreme, and perhaps a little childish[Symbol]but it will definitely help you with that cocoon feeling.  

Make sure to design and decorate it to suit yourself  

It is all well and done to move in to a room pre decorated; after all, that just means less work for you. However, this bit of ease might prove to be uncomfortable to you. A room designed exclusively for you will feel more like home to you as well. So get hold of a decorator, or book an appointment with a feng shui services in Singapore and learn the best ways to efficiently decorate your room. They might also help with other tips, like the right kind of furniture to buy to suit your bedroom or the correct colors to help you relax.  

Take steps to ensure you can relax in it 

Like we mentioned above, the feng shui consultation session can really help you with learning how to truly be able to relax in your private sanctuary. But if that is not really an option to you, do a quick research online. keep your room clutter free, and learn to love the fresh air by inviting it inside. Sunlight and light in general too can make a huge difference; so be careful when selecting light shades and curtains. Raise a plant or two in your room, and take to keeping your space clean. All these matter when trying to turn your bedroom into your private sanctuary.  Check out more information by visiting

Try not to bring in work to it 

Many people make the mistake of bringing in work to their bedroom. In fact, we are strong believers to the fact that any sort of electronic device needs to be abandoned when entering your bedroom. Avoid having a television in their, as this can interrupt with your sleep. If you absolutely have to have a mobile phone with you (as most of us depend on mobile phones to wake us up, and have to receive emergency calls), then take the time to turn off the Wi-Fi in it just so you don’t end up scrolling mindlessly once you get to bed.