Smart SMS Facility Can Now Make Your Home Safer

In this digital age, we are aware of the power of a button. A single click can send information across the globe. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if such technology could be extended to make our homes as secure as banks and offices? Now it is possible to do just that, thanks to the smart SMS function incorporated by a wide range of digital security locks available in the market.

It is a fact well known that digital locks are already much more secure than manual ones. The SMS function takes this security to a whole new level. It acts as an additional alert system by sending any important updates to the registered contact number of the user. So, even when they are miles away from home, the user will know if their SMS door lock in Singapore is being accessed.

When is SMS Alerts Sent?

The features supported by a digital lock are dependent on its unique technical set-up. But almost every SMS door lock is endowed with at least three of the following features:

• The user is alerted every time the lock is opened by regular users like family members, tutors, babysitters or the domestic help. This way they will know what is going on at home even when they are away.

• SMS alerts are also sent is the door is not locked properly or if the user forgets to lock the door.

• If somebody tries to crack the password of the locks, after five failed attempts, the lock freezes for three minutes and sends an SMS to the owner warning them of the possible break-in.

• If anyone tries to intrude the lock physically, an SMS alert is sent so that the user can inform security guards or the police to take immediate action.

• These locks can be made to integrate a special password which the user can enter if they are being threatened to open the door. The lock will then send a discreet panic SMS to a registered number to prompt them to inform the security guards.

• These locks can be connected to an integrated management system to allow proper monitoring and maintenance of the property.

• Some high-end security systems also allow unlocking via SMS. For this, a text message bearing registered keywords or command is sent from the registered number of the user.

The SMS function is automatically turned off if the digital lock is running on low battery. Even in that case, the user is alerted. It’s finally time to say goodbye to manual locks and revolutionize the way people home security.