Tips On How To Impress Your Interviewers And Potential Employees

Here are a few tips that is guaranteed to help impress your job interviewers… budget car rental signapore

  • Do you research – this is the age of the internet; where information is merely a tap away on your smart device. Take the time out to do a thorough research on the position you are applying for; as well as the company you are applying for. Know their goals and their priorities. Most interviewers will expect you to have a question for them (at the very least); make it an intelligent question. Doing your research also means you wouldn’t ask them an obvious question…or something you could have found out online.  
  • Be ready with your papers – CVs, cover letters, letters of recommendations, certificates, reference letters from your prior work places…these are all important to have at hand. To some companies, how impressive your CV and your cover letter was will determine if you even get the chance to be interviewed. Find out before hand if you are required to bring in any documents with you for your interview; and if you are, make sure to present it in an organized and impressive way. 
  • Drive yourself or be chauffeured to the interview – if possible, try not to use public transport when going for an interview; as the chances of you getting late is high here. The last thing you want to do is arrive late, sweaty and frazzled for your interview. Opt for a Honda car rental Singapore or borrow a friend’s car (that you are used to driving). If you are going to a high traffic area, and feel you will have difficulty finding parking spots, opt to be chauffeured to your interview instead.   
  • Take care with your appearance – while driving yourself with a budget car rental Singapore or being chauffeured to your destination will help you arrive looking fresh, you still have to remember to give your appearance some serious thought before the interview. Groom yourself to perfection, wear clothing that flatters your appearance and yet is comfortable. Wear sensible shoes that won’t make your feet cry. If you plan on wearing perfume, remember to keep it subtle; and not knockout your interviewers through your smell alone…! 
  • Pay attention to your body language – practice how you sit, stand and speak in front of a mirror. Pay attention to those unconscious gestures that might blow your “cover of confidence”. Keep yourself open; making sure not to cross your arms or hold yourself. Be expressive and not “poker faced”; but don’t be too dramatic and over the top. Pay attention to your hand gestures in particular; as they are a dead give away.  
  • Speak with confidence – control your breathing and speak calmly. Those with confidence speak slowly and clearly, without rushing their words, as they are sure they will be heard to the end. Choose your words wisely and keep your sentences simple.